A Look into My Life

This is me and Tim!  We have been courting since Fall of 2007.  Tim and I met in the youth group when my family began visiting his church in November 2002.  Although we were friends in the youth group, we really weren't interested in each other until after high school.  We had more of a "brother-and-sister" relationship in the youth group, which is kind of funny because now we're engaged!  One of my favorite summaries of me and Tim getting together is, "I never had a brother.  The closest thing I had to a brother was Tim... and now we're getting married!"  It was a pretty good trade, though. =)  Tim is fun-loving, genuine and kind, just like he always was when we were growing up.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be with the best man in the world.

This is my family.  My sister and I have graduated from homeschool, where we were educated our whole lives.  My mom loves learning about healthy living and takes good care of her family.  She is a computer genius and knows how to download any computer program known to man!  Click here to visit her blog.  My dad is also a computer genius and is a graphic artist/photographer.  He loves chasing storms and collecting guns.  My sister is a piano maestro and draws beautiful cartoons.  She is also computer savvy, which makes me the oddball!  Oh well, there's one in every family.  =D

This is me at work.  I'm the one in the cow costume!  I have worked at Chick-Fil-A since July 2007 and there, every day is an adventure.  I know many of my regular customers' names, the orders they get every day, and how much they cost.  I have made friends of not only the customers, but several of the employees.  Some of them are silly, some are just outright crazy, but all of them are a blessing.  Together, we make the light-hearted bunch that can laugh when a tray full of parfaits spill all over the floor in the middle of lunch rush.  Working at a quick-service restaurant has taught me that the general public isn't always mannerly, but they are real people with real feelings.  Chick-Fil-A has grown from being simply "a job" to a ministry where I can train to take care of people's needs, even when they are less than grateful for it.

In this picture we are having our Western Hayride at Heartland Baptist Bible College.  Before Tim and I began courting, I decided to stay home for a year and work to save up for college.  As the summer after high school graduation went by I discovered that Tim had decided to do the same thing!  It was during this year that Tim and I got together, and we began our first year of college in the fall semester of 2008.  We love Heartland and highly recommend it to anyone who desires to thoroughly train for serving the Lord.

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