Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stay in the Castle

Ever felt like you're at a crossroads?  Stay in the Castle has made a major impact on my life, and the same is true for countless other young ladies.  This small book tells of one teenage girl's struggle to wait for the man God had created for her.  Because this story is true, it has become on of my favorite recommendations.  To read testimonies about how much of a blessing Stay in the Castle has been to readers, click here.

Even slow readers like me will only take 20 minutes to read the whole thing, and it's only $2.50.  No matter what your relationship status, this book will be an encouragement.  I can't fathom anyone not being blessed by it!  Whether you are courting, dating, thinking of getting in a relationship, or dreaming of suitors, get this book!!  It is a wonderful reminder to every young lady to wait on the Lord and Stay in the Castle.

1 comment:

  1. I've read Stay In The's a wonderful story, every young lady should read.


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