Thursday, March 24, 2011

Modesty Survey

I found this just today and you all HAVE to see it!  Ever wondered what Christian guys think about our makeup, slits and posture?  I certainly have!  Multitudes of our brothers in Christ have contributed to this survey, responding to statements such as, "Wearing heavy makeup is a stumbling block," "Skirts with slits are immodest," and "The way a girl walks can be a stumbling block."  Explore the survey results... you may be surprised at what you find, as I was!

Although numbers never lie, the survey also includes short comments about each statement written by several of the gentlemen who assisted in completing the survey.  Their comments are written in love and honesty, and were a blessing for me to read.  The best part is the "Open Questions" page, of which I will share a portion here, just because I thought it was SO good.

One of the open-ended questions is, "If you could say one thing to your sisters in Christ about modesty, what would it be?"  The answers are enough to stir my heart, without even reading the rest of the survey (even though I did)!  Here are several that were a blessing to me:

1.  Sisters in Christ, you really have no concept of the struggles that guys face on a daily basis. Please, please, please take a higher standard in the ways you dress. True, we men are responsible for our thoughts and actions before the Lord, but it is such a blessing when we know that we can spend time with our sisters in Christ, enjoying their fellowship without having to constantly be on guard against ungodly thoughts brought about by the inappropriate ways they sometimes dress. In 1 Corinthians 12 the apostle Paul presents believers as the members of one body - we have to work together. Every Christian has a special role to play in the body of Christ. That goal is to bring glory to the Savior through an obedient, unified body of believers - please don't hurt that unity by dressing in ways that may tempt your brothers in Christ to stumble.

2.  Modest girls are always more pretty to me than immodest girls. An immodest girl might be really pretty but her actions are ugly and they cancel out her natural beauty, making her ugly. A modest girl is pretty not only in looks but in actions and deeds and that is the type of girl I like to be around.

3.  In high school, the place of greatest temptation toward lust was my church. Girls wore things to church that they thought were fashionable and dressy, but they would not have passed the dress code at my public high school. Church should NEVER be a guy's greatest source of temptation, in any way. Please, be especially careful when picking out your dress clothes for church, and make sure they are modest when sitting and kneeling (if you kneel in church), not just standing in front of the mirror.

4.  Please don’t take modesty lightly. As your brother in Christ I value the relationship that I will have with my wife someday. When I am tempted because of you I lose a part of myself that I am trying to save for her. When I’m tempted because of you I become that much more accepting of the perversions in the world. When you remain pure and modest, my life is made so much easier. Instead of watching to ensure that I don’t sin I can focus on you as a person and fellow follower of Christ. I appreciate modesty more than you’ll ever know. Please, show respect of yourself and of me and be modest.

5.  Dearest sister: God made you a thing of beauty. A thing to be admired and respected. When you dress or act in a way that draws attention to your body, you make it easy for the guys around you to reduce you to the level of a disgusting toy - using you to mentally satisfy their fantasies. They stop thinking about your Godly qualities and immerse themselves in sinful thought. By dressing and acting modestly, you draw attention to your face instead of your body. Your body may be alluring, but your face - those deep, mysterious eyes and smiling mouth - is infinitely more beautiful than any amount of revealing dress. Would you rather be the tool by which guys satisfy themselves or the beautiful thing God created you to be, pure for your husband? My flesh prefers the former, but my heart pleads for the latter.

6.  For those of you trying to be modest, thank you, thank you, thank you! I certainly notice it and am grateful for it. For those of you who aren't sure about modesty, it is hard enough for us guys as it is; please don't make it harder.

To read more open questions or satisfy your curiosity about whether bare feet are tempting for a guy, go to the Modesty Survey and click on "Survey Results."  To learn more about how to interpret the results, click on "Survey Overview."  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have!

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