Friday, April 22, 2011

Why Courtship?

I just read an excellent post on courtship and would like to share it with all of my readers.  "Courtship? Are You Crazy?" answers questions such as:

~ How do I explain courtship to a friend who thinks I'm crazy for wanting parental involvement in my relationship?

~ What's the big deal about "waiting?"

~ How do I deal with the guilt of my past if I've already screwed up?

~ What are some of the ramifications of impurity before marriage?

~ Does how we act in a relationship before I get married affect how I relate to my husband after we're married?

This post is designed for ladies who are old enough to be in a serious relationship, but if mothers see fit to share it with younger teens, that is completely up to their discretion.  Personally, I appreciate it more now as a 20-something adult than I would have as a teenager.  I learned a lot about the "why" of courtship just from reading this post, and I guarantee that you will, too!

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