Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Planning!

I am having quite the time trying to squeeze all the wedding planning I can into one short summer!  In the past three months my family and I have bought the dress, a few silk flowers, the bridesmaids' shoes, some wedding favors, lots of wedding planning books, and an off-the-beaten-path "guest book" in the form of a scrapbook!  Tim and I have started our registries, bought some Starbucks coffee mugs to put in our home, and discussed many ideas and plans.  Before he left for the summer, Mom and Dad hosted our engagement party at my house and took pictures of us at the place Tim proposed to me, the Japanese Gardens at Maymont Park.  On top of that, I've had work, traveling all over the East Cost for various family trips (and they were NOT for leisure), and trying to get some senior year "stuff" figured out.

So yeah... I've been kind of busy!

Sorry if I've been strangely quiet the past few months; I have a lot on my mind and would appreciate your prayers.  Also, one of my room mates from my freshman year told me that her mom has breast cancer, so please keep her in your prayers also.  GloryBound has had a safe summer so far, so we are very thankful for that.  

So basically everything is fine except my sanity!  I never knew planning a wedding involved so many details, and I am definitely NOT a detail person!  In my mind, a wedding was buying a dress, getting the lady at your church who's really good at baking to bake your cake, hiring a photographer, inviting your friends, walking down the aisle, eating the cake, and leaving.  

Oh no, my friend.  

First you have to figure out what style wedding dress looks best on you, then try several of them on at the bridal salon, only to come to the conclusion that there are WAY to many choices.  After you finally pick out your dress, you do a fundraiser to be able to afford the thing.  

As for the cake, you begin thinking about saving money by just doing sheet cakes, but think about how cool it would be to hire a culinary student at VCU for super cheap, but don't want to make your church baker feel left out either.  

Wait.  Cake... that means you'll need plates, napkins, tables, chairs... where is all of this coming from, anyway?!  Should you rent round tables, or use the awkward rectangle ones your venue already has for no extra charge?  Venue.  Oh my goodness -- where are we having this thing?  The church?  The park?  My parent's backyard?  A plantation?  The space museum??

And hiring a photographer.  Don't even get me started.

I have a bunch of friends from Oklahoma (hi guys!) who want to make it to our big day, but what hotel would be the nicest for them, but still reasonably priced, especially after paying for half-way-across-the-continent airfare?  Should the in-laws invite all of the out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner?  That's a lot of food, you know.  Food?  Hey, are we having a full-course meal or just cake and coffee at the reception?

And the little sparkly stuff people put on the tables at receptions... what do we do about that?  Should we use candy?  A centerpiece filled with flowers and bows?  Confetti?  And what should the guests throw at us when we leave?  Rice?  Bubbles?  Silly String?  Rocks?  What do we ride away in?  Limos are so expensive.  Maybe my grandpa's old truck... it's kind of "vintage."  It could be my "something old."  But wait, if it breaks down on the way to the hotel, that could be really bad...

See?  So many DETAILS!  So pray that my head doesn't explode anytime in the next year. =)


  1. Congratulations! I remember all that stress...I wish I could go back and just relax. :)

  2. Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor! :) Have fun with all the planning!!!

  3. Thanks y'all =) It's a weird mixture of fun and insanity... like being at the top of a roller coaster right before the big drop and wondering, "Why am I doing this again?!" and then screaming on the way down because you're scared to death but having the time of your life at the same time! Anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows EXACTLY what I mean!


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