Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long Awaited Post on Wedding Blog!

A few of you seem interested in following up on my wedding blog post concerning how to order a wedding dress from China.  Just to make everyone aware, the post is up and ready! =) I had to think for a minute about how I could integrate biblical principles into this one, but the point is simple: We must be careful stewards of the Lord's money!

So for all of my wedding enthusiasts out there, the long awaited success story has finally been written!  Click here to read about how I got the dress of my dreams for $195.  (No, it's not a typo.)

Don't take this post the wrong way; there's nothing wrong with buying your wedding dress from a bridal salon.  However, the specifications of modesty I needed could not be fulfilled in a typical strapless gown.  If you're like me and need a completely custom-made dress, this route is practical in every way.  But don't just do it without looking into it... let me give you some pointers!

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