Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow Down

Every Chick-Fil-A drive-thru has one constant aspiration: to get a hundred cars through from twelve to one.  It is a very possible, but very complex, dream.  It is complex because every aspect of the drive-thru must run seamlessly in order for a hundred cars to go through in an hour.  The cooks in the back, the bagger, order-taker, cashier, and even the customers must all work together in perfect unison to make a successful lunch hour.

Everything was going just fine until they showed up.  A 50-ish couple came crawling to the window in their beaten-up car, slouching in their seats and staring at me like they had just woken up from a four hour nap.  I quickly read their order back to them and told them the total.  The man driving just sat there for five seconds, then realized he had to pay to get his food.  Slowly he reached into his pocket for this wallet.  Slowly he began searching through papers and receipts until he came across a twenty.  This man was more lethargic than a turtle!  Slowly he handed the money to me; trying not to look impatient, I hurriedly made the transaction and waited a few seconds before I asked if they wanted any sauce.  

I glanced at the man's quiet wife.  I thought to myself, "All the other women I've seen would hurry their husbands along and nag them if they weren't fast enough.  This lady hasn't even opened her mouth!"  For all I could tell, she was just as happy as she could be with her slower-than-molasses-in-January husband.  Then it dawned on me... This couple has made it this far in their marriage by simply enjoying the ride, not seeing how fast they can get through.  Their quiet joy screamed at the fast-paced world, "Slow down!"

Everyone I've run into claims that they try to enjoy life, but how can you if you're constantly trying to see how quickly you can get from point A to point B?  This couple could care less if they took ten minutes to get their food, but they had infinitely more joy than anyone who refused to wait more than two minutes.  I'm not trying to undermine the "100 Car Goal"... I'm just saying, slow down and enjoy life.  If you find yourself in an eternal spiral of appointments, deadlines, and tight schedules, take a few minutes and let a sunset, rainbow, butterfly, or flower soak in.  Don't miss out on the beautiful things in life because you're constantly on a time crunch.  Letting the busyness of modern life get to you will make you grumpy.  Instead, take time to smile, laugh, and enjoy the journey.

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