Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Go to a Christian College?

My junior and senior year of high school I got bombarded with letters and postcards from various colleges; major universities, local community colleges, and even a few Christian colleges.  I even got information from various branches of the military!  College is a hot topic to the older teen, and requires much prayer and counseling.  I am definitely not an authority on the subject of which specific college each individual should attend, but I will stand adamantly on one issue: Secular colleges should not even be on your list!

One of my professors shared an eye-opening story with us this past year.  His first day of General Psychology at a secular college (bear in mind, this was in the 60's, when Christianity was generally still socially acceptable), his professor asked everyone who believed in God to stand up.  Virtually every student in the classroom rose to their feet.  The professor pointed to each student who was standing and proudly proclaimed, "When you're done with this class you won't."  On the last day of the semester the professor again asked everyone who believed in God to stand up... only a handful stood.  The secular humanist college teachers' agenda is not to teach psychology, biology, or mathematics; it is to destroy your faith in God.

Only a tiny fraction of Christian students remain in church after four years of secular college.  In the above story, my teacher's faith was shaken to its foundations.  He stopped going to church for a while because, for the first time in his life, he was given hundreds of reasons not to believe in God.  He was at a crossroads, and eventually had to choose for himself which book was more credible: the Bible or the Origin of the Species.  His story is not the only one of its kind; each college diploma is a story of how that person decided to stand their ground... or drown in a sea of secular humanism.

If liberal arts is what you'd like to study, there are several Christian colleges that fit the bill.  There you will find not only a challenging academic program, but Christian professors who will strengthen your faith, not weaken it.  If you'd like to become a teacher, musician, or secretary, you might want to look into a Bible College.  They are also a good choice if you're not sure what you'd like to do, as most of them have a one year Bible certificate.  Below are a list of Christian Colleges and Bible Colleges:

Christian Colleges
Pensacola Christian College
Bob Jones University
Liberty University
Bryan College

Bible Colleges
Heartland Baptist Bible College
Crown College
Hyles-Anderson College
Commonwealth Baptist College
Fairhaven Baptist College
Golden State Baptist College
West Coast Baptist College

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