Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Answers Book

You can't go through life without someone challenging your faith.  Public schools and secular colleges endoctrinate their students with reasons to believe in Evolution; do you have any reasons you believe in Creation?  (Note: "Because mommy said so" is not going to convince many atheists.)

This book contains well-researched information about the creation account, Noah's Flood, and dinosaurs.  Finally, you can be ready for questions like, "Doesn't the Grand Canyon prove Evolution?"  "What happened to the dinosaurs?"  "Where did Cain get his wife?" and "Where did the races come from?"  The Answers Book is easy to understand, so you'll know exactly what you're talking about when a curious friend tries to confuse you with a scientific question.

You'll find that this affordable book is a wonderful investment.  The amount of information you get in such a small book is incredible.  I love it and highly recommend it to any Christian desiring to learn more about defending the faith.  If you choose to purchase it, buying it through this link on my blog will earn me a small commission.

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