Monday, August 30, 2010

At the Top of Your Checklist

School is officially in session at Heartland Baptist Bible College.  I am already overwhelmed by the many projects and lesson plans to fulfill by the end of the semester!  The numerous physical and mental demands of college life remind me that time with God is the most important appointment of my day.  Balancing school, work, music lessons, and a social life has the tendency to force unnecessary errands out of sight and out of mind.  We must be extremely cautious to never put God on the "back burner," if I can say that without sounding irreverent.

A wise man once said that if you are too busy for God, then my friend, you are too busy.  Another wise man said that he esteemed the words of God's mouth more than his necessary food.  If there is anything you need to cut out of your schedule, make it anything but God.  Perhaps waking up a few minutes early to pray or skipping breakfast for Bible reading would be more spiritually profitable than saying you'll spend time with God when you "get around to it."  If your schedule is insane, drop ten minutes of sleep or skip the Frosted Flakes, but do not neglect your personal devotions.

During my sophomore year I was challenged like never before to improve my fellowship with the Lord.  He is not an impersonal force -- He is a real Person, and He wants to spend time with you.  How does it feel when one of your friends says they will meet up with you, but never show up?  The Bible mentions that we are capable of grieving the Holy Spirit.  How do you think God feels when you make a decision to have daily devotions, but do not follow through on that decision?  I am not bringing God down to our level, but it is perfectly biblical to say that we grieve the Lord by neglecting daily prayer and Bible reading.

As this semester begins, allow me to challenge you ladies (and myself!) to keep personal devotions at the top of our checklist.  Since the Lord has been so good to us, we should desire to have this fellowship with Him.  The wonder of it all is, He wants it even more than we do!  Allow Him to guide you throughout your busy day, and your day will go so much smoother.  Keep Him first every day of the semester, and it will be the greatest semester ever.

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