Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Sharing the Gospel can seem like a daunting task.  What if the person you witness to is a cultist or atheist?  What if they claim they "said the prayer" but their lives are spiritually fruitless?  How do you start witnessing to a total stranger?  What about close family that think you're just a religious fanatic?  Is there a method you can use to witness to anyone, regardless of their religion, race, or age?

Jesus witnessed to everyone from religious to heathen, and He didn't have to change the way He presented the Gospel to cater to their ethnicity or gender.  Sadly, very few Christians know what this "secret" is and how to use it.  In this book, Ray Comfort explains how to use the Law to speak to the conscience, instead of getting into an intellectual argument over whether God exists or whether Jesus is God.

The book is titled Hell's Best Kept Secret because the enormous lack of knowledge of this method is ultimately keeping millions of souls from coming to Christ.  You cannot expect to win a battle for someone's soul if you don't have the appropriate weapons.  This short but concise, easy-to-read book clearly explains how to plant a seed of Truth in the heart of any unbeliever -- by using the Law of God to go straight to their conscience.

Hells Best Kept Secret
(Just a reminder, if you purchase the book through this link, I will earn a percentage of the cost.)

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