Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Change the Teabag!

My college and career director, who now pastors Southwest Baptist Church, taught me a simple lesson I've never been able to forget.  "If you don't like the flavor of the tea, change the tea bag!"

Our lives are like a teabag, and it is easy to hide what "flavor" we are while nothing is bothering us.  However, when things around us get hot, whatever is in the tea bag comes out.  This can be good or bad!  What are you like in a cup of hot water?  Do you react to circumstances in a way that pleases God?

If not, it's time to change the teabag!  God wants you to have victory over whatever sin comes seeping out when things start getting tough.  He will help you if you are willing to be changed.  Sometimes it's hard to let go of "pet" sins like lashing out or having a bad attitude, because we think it feels good to express ourselves this way.  I've been there, and trust me, it feels so much better to know you are pleasing the Lord!

A few weeks before Tim came home from traveling with GloryBound, he told me he wanted to spend a weekend with his family and take them to a game out of town.  Although my gut reaction was to be disappointed that he couldn't be with me 24 hours, I held back and said that was fine.  After a few minutes, I thought to myself, "What are you thinking, you selfish brat?  He's got to have some time with his family, too!"  I fixed my attitude and decided to be happy for him, and that was so much more fun than wallowing in self-pity.  Even better, the next time he called he invited me to come be with his family for a whole day of that weekend!

You have the ability to choose how you react to life's lemons.  Rolling your eyes and sighing doesn't have to be "just the way you are."  Pray about it and be willing let God change what's in your heart.  With time, you will build a new habit of letting out a very nice flavor.


  1. Are you in OKC? That's so cool (Jessica Twardy Roberts from here)! We just moved to Mustang in the fall, and thought of attending SWBC, but felt God wanted us in Mustang at LBC. I REALLY loved the preaching at SWBC! Who knows, we might have met there!! Small world.

  2. PS. great post. It's very true. I found a good quote the other day that really spoke to me about some of the things we have been going though - "A defeat that leaves you humble is better than a victory that leaves you proud." Hope to see some of your posts on the Blogroll soon!

  3. I'm about to head back to OKC for school, actually! Tim and I fly back to Heartland on Sunday. The preaching at SWBC is amazing! I'm ready for another exciting year.


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